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About Awesome SA

Awesome SA
Motivating South Africans from passive spectators to active participants.

Awesome SA motivates South Africans to positively influence the future. The movement was founded in 2007 by Derryn Campbell and Di Smith.

Through Awesome SA we support other organisations that are making a difference to the future of South Africa by assisting them to become self-sustainable and to continue to grow. This is done through facilitating funding, networking; mentoring, linking community based social development programmes and developing expertise. Our registered Awesome SA Trust, together with our strategic partnership with the Ewing Trust Company, provides the platform to offer support and assistance to the initiatives that fall under the banner of Awesome SA.

Through our newsletters, website and presentations, we highlight stories that focus on the great acts and achievements of our people and the extra-ordinariness of South Africa. Awesome SA encourages South Africans to influence the future of our country by becoming active citizens.

We know that South Africans can walk together in the spirit of Ubuntu. When each of us becomes a Change Maker, we determine our own future and impact on the future of our country for good.

Initiatives that Awesome SA currently work with and support are:

Through the Awesome SA website we are motivating South Africans to create a positive future. Both Derryn Campbell and Di Smith offer presentations and workshops upon request.