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I'm a recovering racist...

"See the World from a Place of Non-Judgement" is the heading for Chapter 26 of the book You're Awesome. The following is an extract from this chapter.

How can we possibly judge others? We are all the same but for the circumstances of our birth and upbringing. Children learn about the nature of the world from their contact with other human beings and the environment in which they live.
They learn about justice or injustice, they learn about violence or peace, they learn about intolerance or compassion, they learn about bullying or acceptance.
The world in which they live will often determine the lives that they will lead as they grow into adulthood....

At the core of the human experience people are no different from you even if they come from a different culture, religion or are of a different colour.

Justin Foxton in his article writes: The journey to a country free of racism is one we must embark on intentionally – no matter our age - if we are to live free of the symptoms of this crippling disease: Click here to read the full article - Hello I'm a recovering racist....

The door to a non-racist South Africa is for each of us to to get to know people of colour that are different than our own. There are many South African's who do not see others by the colour of their skin - they recognise people for who they are as people. Let those of us who are working towards a non-racist society and building a better future for South Africa by being active citizens, join together on the free platform Together SA - Building Our Future, developed by South Africans for South Africans.