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Siyaziphathela Development

Current national discourse clearly indicates that rural development interventions in South Africa are not working with an estimated 95% of rural development projects considered a failure.

In this light the Siyaziphathela Rural Village and Farm Development aims to provide a workable and replicable solution to rural development.

It is believed that a fundamental key to this solution is to place the needs, interests and aspirations of the community at the forefront of the development - where the community, assisted by an experienced and professional support team, is empowered to take the initiative in conceptualising, designing, implementing and ultimately determining their own future.

It is believed that only once individuals and communities are thus empowered, will the capital and resources spent on infrastructure development realise its potential.

The Siyaziphathela Rural Village and Farm Development is situated in the Sisonke District of Kwazulu-Natal just outside the town of Kokstad. It is based around a farm community of approximately 180 people on a recently acquired 638 hectare farm. The aim of Siyaziphathela Village and Farm is to develop a community-driven, socially, ecologically and economically enlightened rural community living in good homes, on land to which they have full title, with access to sustainable supplies of energy, water, sanitation and waste management systems. The community, village and farm will offer opportunities for self-actualisation through education, economic and agricultural participation and other sustainable livelihood initiatives.

The development is a complete Greenfields initiative and includes four key components.

These are:
  • Community Development
  • Village Development
  • Farm Development
  • Valley Development

The project currently enjoys the support of the Greater Kokstad Municipality, the Department of Housing, the Department of Land Affairs, the DBSA and TIKZN, however due to the progressive nature and intent of the project, additional partners are sought in order to fulfil key areas that are not covered through conventional funding models. These will include the broad arenas of facilitation, education, health, sustainability, agriculture and economics.

P.O Box 46, Kokstad, 4700. Tel: 083-688 5817 eMail: