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Youth Potential South Africa

YOUPSA is a registered non-profit and public benefit organisation, an aid project for the socially disadvantaged and marginalized. We support youth to realise their own inner potential and bring it to life. This powerfully enhances their natural skills and talents and helps them to become mature and positively contributing members of their societies.

We promote harmony, care, social peace and empowerment in underprivileged families and their communities.

With our activities we are building a generation of young people and leaders who are well educated, socially and ethically aware, committed to human rights, peace and global environmental sustainability and who will develop personal responsibility in these areas.

We develop the capacities of learners, parents, teachers and community members to drive improvement in their education, educational institutions and communities.

Current programmes and projects: YOUPSA delivers Creative Youth and Teacher Empowerment Programmes at poor rural schools in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa.

Our focus area is working in the Chalumna area, Buffalo City Metro, with five primary schools and the high school they feed into. Altogether we reach 2000 students, 85 teachers, the School Governing Bodies of these schools and parents. We nurture the primary school students and prepare them to successfully enter and fulfill their high school education. Then, while attending high school, we nurture and prepare them for entering a responsible adulthood and further education.

Four samples of the programmes that we bring to these rural schools and the communities are:

1.) Igniting the Inner Spark
2.) Creating a Positive Classroom Culture
3.) Learning to Meditate
4.) Overcoming Stress and Anger

Besides our weekly engagement with the schools we also organise for every school an annual community event to 'Celebrate Education and Showcase Creativity'. Since teachers from different schools rarely find the opportunity to come together, share ideas and support each other, YOUPSA offers a 'Teachers Collaboration Day', a team-building event for the benefit and upliftment of the whole area.  

Contact details:

Youth Potential South Africa - YOUPSA
tel: 076 1233832 / 076 5874422