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Alive with Possibility - Facts about South Africa

We all agree that South Africa is an amazing country and certainly lives up to the slogan, Alive with possibility.

We found this really helpful article written in the run-up to the 2010 World Cup on South Africa The Good News, that puts all the infomration a visitor to South Africa would want to know in a nutshell, like "Who lives in South Africa?" and "What's the weather like?"

"There's more to Africa than lions. Johannesburg, a city of skyscrapers, sprawls wider than London or New York. The lights work, the water flows, there are multi-lane highways and - unfortunately - traffic jams. You can book into a Hilton or a Hyatt or a Holiday Inn and eat at cosmopolitan restaurants serving anything from sushi to burgers to crocodile steaks. Or you can lie back on a couch and choose from five analogue and over 50 digital TV channels."

Read South Africa in 2010: Alive with Possibility.