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Save the Karoo - Stop Shell from Fracking

Derryn Campbell and Di Smith, co- founders of Awesome SA recently attended a talk by Dr Samuel Chand who is rated as one of the top 30 Global Leadership Gurus and an author whose books have sold worldwide. Dr Chand's books enhance leaders globally. He encourages organisations and leaders to shift their focus from the paradigm of being successful to rather being significant.

If significance matters, then this letter written by Lewis Gordon Pugh (a.k.a. the Human Polar Bear) with regard to the Karoo Fracking, is an opportunity not to be missed.

Dr Chand says, "It's more difficult to unlearn than it is to learn." “I would like to add, " it is more difficult to undo than to do," says Di. “So let us stand together as South Africans and protect not only our hard-worn freedom, but this magnificent country that has been entrusted to our care"

Di Smith explains that for her it is similar to the sentiments expressed in the short speech given on Friday night in Cape Town by Lewis Gordon Pugh OIG (a.k.a. the Human Polar Bear) about the proposed fracking for gas in the Karoo, by Shell. He received a sustained standing ovation!

What Lewis Pugh said to Save the Karoo

In The Day we Stood Up to Shell: What was Said to Save the Karoo, Lewis Pugh reminded his audience the South African Constitution states that we have

the right to have our environment protected for the benefit of our generation and the benefit of future generations.

He explains that the fracking will damage the water table and although there may well be gas in the Karoo, he, poses the question if we are prepared to destroy our environment for five to ten years worth of fossil fuel that will only further damage our climate? Read Lewis Pugh’s The Day We Stood up to Shell. Speech here.

Karoo Residents Object

According to Business Day 25/3/11 Lawyers for Karoo residents and landowners, including businessman Johann Rupert and Dutch Princess Irene, say the draft environmental management plan (EMP) submitted as part of petrochemical giant Royal Dutch Shell’s application to explore the Karoo for shale gas does not comply with mining law. Read more.

Shell Consultant Says Karoo Won’t Survive Gas Mining

Shell consultant says the Karoo economy will not survive Gas Mining was the headline of a media release on 11 March 2011. This bold statement was made by Mr. Fred Kruger, a systems ecologist and policy analyst representing Golder Associates, the environmental consultants appointed by Shell Oil. The statement emerged during a meeting between Golder and a delegation led by Jonathan Deal, coordinator of the Treasure the Karoo Action Group (TKAG), during which Mr. Kruger agreed with a question put to him – ‘can the Karoo economy survive fracking’ - and confirmed “The Karoo economy will not survive gas mining.”

The meeting was requested by Golder as part of a nationwide campaign to canvass interested and affected parties who are in opposition to the process of hydraulic fracturing (fracking).

Don’t Trust Shell

To understand to what lengths Shell will go with their smoke and mirrors to convince us that extracting natural gas from underground layers of shale in the Karoo using the polluting and extremely water-intensive technique of hydraulic fracturing or fracking is great for the environment – please read Andreas Spath’s Don’t Trust Shell

What is Fracking?

Hydraulic fracturing or fracking is a means of natural gas extraction employed in deep natural gas well drilling. Once a well is drilled, millions of gallons of water, sand and proprietary chemicals are injected, under high pressure, into a well. The pressure fractures the shale and props open fissures that enable natural gas to flow more freely out of the well. The process and its aftermath have generated controversy because of harm to drinking water and health where it has been used.

What can we do about it?

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