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Leadership and Strong Spiritual Practice will Unite Us

South Africa is a country that has lived through one of the most frightening, riveting, and inspiring political revolutions in history. Real radical change faces each one of us every day. How do we deal with the mistrust that has crept in among our people from years of separation and confrontation?

A real leader uses every issue, no matter how serious and sensitive, to ensure that at the end of the debate we should emerge stronger and more united than ever beforeNelson Mandela

How do we go to that place where we can see beyond the narrow confines of our minds regarding race, colour, political and religious beliefs? How do we span the social gap that still exists between our people in this country?

The answer lies in leadership and strong spiritual practice – whatever our particular tradition. You and I are the leaders that this country is calling for. Wherever people care deeply about things, the way is open to them.

Awesome SA supports a number of initiatives that are rolling out and changing the lives of people in South Africa. As a not for profit trust we support these organisations in order to ensure their on-going delivery and sustainability. Awesome SA is proud to be associated with the initiatives below and commend the leaders who founded, shaped and are driving them.

Zazida Institute of Entrepreneurship
Zazida is an organisation that is dedicated solely to the education and development of entrepreneurs in South Africa. Currently Zazida targets young unemployed youth and early-stage start-up entrepreneurs requiring further education, development and assistance.
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Siyaziphathela Development
The aim of Siyaziphathela Village and Farm is to develop a community-driven, socially, ecologically and economically enlightened rural community living in good homes, on land to which they have full title, with access to sustainable supplies of energy, water, sanitation and waste management systems. The community, village and farm will offer opportunities for self-actualisation through education, economic and agricultural participation and other sustainable livelihood initiatives.
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Gcinamasiko Arts & Heritage Trust
This Trust was established by a passionate individual, Gcina Mhlophe, who is a well known personality in South Africa and abroad. The Trust aims to become the leader in the field of education and social upliftment. This will be primarily achieved through the use of the written word, in terms of distributing books to previously disadvantaged individuals and creating libraries in schools that have until now not been in a position to have a dedicated library.
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Future Farmers Foundation
The idea behind the Future Farmers Foundation was initiated by Judy Stuart after the first agricultural student was sent abroad in 2007. The Future Farmers Foundation now provide a platform from which young people who are passionate about agriculture and farming in general can become successful commercial farm managers or farmers in their own right.
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Your Future, My Future - Ikusasa Lakho Ikusasa Lami
An initiative that is being run by Walter Blore and Bonginkosi Pad.Your Future, My Future focuses on Agricultural labour training, motivation and performance management and scoring. This involves the initial assessment of the relations between labour and management and their work and is followed by training and motivation.
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Sustaining the Wild Coast
Sustaining the Wild Coast's (SWC) focus is on traditional rural communities living along Pondoland's Wild Coast, in the northern coastal regions of the former Transkei. We work with people resident in the area to enhance local leadership ability, skills, knowledge and entrepreneurial capacity.
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Agrivest aims to establish successful, small scale black fruit and vegetable farmers in the Midlands of KwaZulu-Natal, who are enabled through a centralised agribusiness hub to successfully access and farm in the commercial market environment.
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PPR Education
PPR Education is Podcast based Education which aims to improve education from the top down in eight of the poorest performing underprivileged schools in the Hammarsdale/Inchanga area of KwaZulu-Natal.
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The people who have started these initiatives are true leaders who together with thousands of other South Africans are reaching out to change peoples’ lives. These are people who have stepped up to the mark and are showing great leadership by founding, developing or funding initiatives in areas where there is need.

From my earliest memory, I have been in love with this country. I am so proud to be a South African right now. Having been a guest at the KZN State of the Province Address and attending the State of the Province Debate, it is clear that South Africa is on a new road where government, business and civil society are taking action and facing up to our responsibilities. There is serious intent to address the appalling education system, revise the failing health system, and face the challenges of the plight of the poor.

By Di Smith, co-founder of Awesome SA and author of You're Awesome - Living a Fulfilled Life.