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1500 Sign Up for Free Business Education

“It’s time to wake up and smell the burning textbooks. In 1976, your school kids protested and died for an equal education. That is what makes the farce, that is today’s education, too tragic to laugh at and too unbelievable not to giggle at.

Of course a polite article on the value of education might be more comfortable to read than an abrasive piece about the way that we’ve collectively let our education system slide. But truth is like salt, and salt is abrasive. It’s time to rub some salt in our wounds. We cannot excitedly look at the height of the mountain we want to climb if we refuse to look, with terror, at the depth of the valley into which we’re slipping.” - An extract from an article written for Awesome SA by Siya Khumalo.

South Africa is a country blessed with infinite possibilities and resources - yet many tend to concentrate on the negatives and forget that there are hundreds of people and organisations that are reaching out to others, not only in South Africa but worldwide. Education is in crises globally, with South African being near the bottom of the chain. It is for this reason that Awesome SA brings to your attention the Regenesys Business School who has formed partnerships with Pearson, The Sunday Times, the Institute of People Management, Internet Solutions, Department of Trade and Industry, and Human Development Council of South African Government to offer free online business education.

Brett Cousins, Director at Regenesys Business School, believes that this initiative is "revolutionary" and is the first business school in the world to offer free business education with all the materials freely available on line. ( The philosophy of the Regenesys Business School is to develop and awaken the potential of school leavers, entrepreneurs, and business professionals by offering free life- long leaning through education.
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