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Want to help someone? Shut up and listen!

Many South Africans share concern over the latest news headlines relating to the gap between the have and the have-nots and that thousands still remain uneducated, unskilled and unemployed.

You may be wondering what you can do to realize the dream for South Africa’s future.

Despite the headlines, South Africans meet every day with shared good-will, respect, fun and laughter, all over our country - in our workplaces, gyms, coffee shops, restaurants and playing fields, irrespective of our differences in colour and culture. In these moments of sharing, we have glimpses of the possibility of South Africas future.

So how do we create a shared vision of the country we want to be? How do we create a country of abundance and well-being? How do we play our part in healing South Africa? The answer lies in the Afrikaans phrase n boere maak n plan - we make a plan. South Africans are one of the most resourceful people in the world. Testament to this is how our people thrive when they live in countries abroad.

The following TED talk by Dr Ernesto Sirolli goes a long way in answering the way forward for South Africa.

“We have discovered that the miracle of the intelligence of local people is such that you can change the culture and economy of a community, just by capturing the passion, the energy and the imagination of your own people.” Dr Ernesto Sirolli.