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Become a 'ZeroHero™'

Sign up and pay either R100 for the whole month or R50 for a 10 day Challenge. Non drinkers / people who still want to drink – donations welcome! AlcoFreeTeens - R5.

If there are special occasions in the month, one can buy a "Drinking Day Pass" called a Special Break, for R20 a day! (We also challenge the Under 18's to be alcohol free for the whole year.)

Raise money for SADD
South Africans Against Drunk Driving / South Africans Against Destructive Decisions

SADD works in education, prevention, research, and service delivery concerning the use of alcohol and the harm misuse causes, especially on our roads, and to our youth. About 18,000 people are killed on our roads; and 150,000 more are injured yearly - with at least 65% of these crashes due to alcohol misuse. We need to all work together to stop this unnecessary and preventable road carnage. A similar campaign was started in Australia in 2008, and has been a huge success. AlcoFreeFeb was started in South Africa in 2010, and in 2013 we would like to expand it further – encouraging more people to be aware of the dangers of alcohol misuse and the associated health problem, and in supporting SADD. Past participants have told us that they have lost weight, saved money, found more time, energy and productivity in their day, and slept better!! In addition, many people have found that it has increased awareness around their own/their families' consumption and possible problems therein, as well as feeling good about raising money for a charity in a fun way.

Your participation in this would be greatly appreciated.

We really feel that this campaign could make a significant impact in South Africa.

Please challenge others to do it as well at