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Congratulations to Homecoming Revolution on 10 years

An inspiring glimpse at the story of the Homecoming Revolution - an organisation which helps and encourages Africans to return home.

The Homecoming Revolution is an independent non-profit organisation that encourages and assists South Africans around the world to return home.

The Homecoming Revolution was founded in 2003 by Angel Jones of "allvertising" agency, morrisjones , and is run by like-minded homecomers and funded by First National Bank. The brain drain has cost the country immensly and we have skills shortages in many areas. South Africa has great potential and we need all hands on deck to make it the success it deserves to be.

The success of the Homecoming Revolution is that it portrays a very realistic, honest picture of life here. We know it can be a trade off to come home, but the trade off is worth it. And that's why the bulk of the campaign features stories of people who've already returned. Because there's no better proof than the frank, believable tales of diverse individuals who've grappled with the decision themselves. Some homecomers have started their own businesses, some are nurturing a family, some are climbing up the corporate ladder and some are working at grassroots level - all working to really make a difference in South Africa.

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