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The School Enterprise Challenge

As part of our overall mission to stimulate entrepreneurship and experiential learning within schools The Saville Foundation has, for the past 4 years now, funded a global competition called The School Enterprise Challenge, and we invite you to Register today for the 2013 competition and help your students mobilise their resources to start a business at school.

The competition is open to ANY formal educational organisation and although it is global there are special prizes for South African schools only.

Once you have registered you will have access to many teaching resources available on online to guide you and your students to starting their own business. There are 2 stages involved:

Stage 1: Formulate an idea and develop a business plan for a school-based enterprise (teaching aids, templates, ideas and examples are provided)
Stage 2: Implement the business plan and start the student led enterprise that will generate income to support your school and /or any other worthy cause.

Prizes for both stages of the competition are offered to schools, students and teachers! This year, schools in South Africa are in the running for a special prize of accredited business training with Business World and a 4 day value based Leadership academy to nurture the inner soul!

Why you should take part in this competition:
Help your students think creatively and outside the box.
Access quality educational resources and expert support throughout.
Expand your own knowledge and business skills.
Become part of a global online community of enterprising schools.
Be the driving force in generating income AND winning between $500-$5000 for your school.
Have the chance to see one of your students become the 2013 'Enterprising Student' and win themselves a laptop.
Have the chance to be 2013's 'Inspirational Teacher' and win $2000.

What Next?
Go to to Register your school to take on the School Enterprise Challenge! Deadline for Registration is 30th May 2013.

For more information please visit the official email or call Nikki in South Africa on 082 4166066.

We look forward to welcoming your school into the School Enterprise Challenge Community.

Best Wishes,
Gary and Nikki


LAST YEAR 2 South African schools won $1000 and $500 for their contribution.
The Kingdom Christian Collage (Matubatuba) – started a Mr Goodies Tuck shop and turned a profit of between R3000 – R5000 per month!!! They have continued their business with proceeds going towards their new school bus.

Birches Primary (Pinetown) – won a prize for their Permaculture gardening courses offered to parents and members of their community.

The overall Global winner was DLF Public School (India) – for the production of environmentally crafts such as candles and picture frames.

“It [the competition] encouraged students to collaborate among themselves and come out with ideas of setting up their own stalls ….. In a nutshell this whole exercise ignited the flame of entrepreneurship among them.” Teacher, DLF Public School