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Welcome to the World of the Little Traveller

"The Little Travellers HIV/AIDS project is totally inspired. I endorse it every stitch of the way. It raises consciousness in Canada and hope in Africa. In my mind’s eye, I can just see the women of Hillcrest (a project the Stephen Lewis Foundation strongly supports) beading, and spectacularly artful "Little Travellers" emerging. Then the sales are made in Canada, and money flows to the heroic women and children and families battling the pandemic on the ground. What could be a better act of human solidarity? Buy one, buy two, buy dozens. They speak to the best of the human spirit."

- Stephen Lewis, Board Chair, Stephen Lewis Foundation

About Woza Moya

Woza Moya is an income generation project of the Hillcrest AIDS Centre Trust. It helps those in need regain Hope and Dignity by getting them to use their creativity to earn an income.

At present Woza Moya acts as an agent for over 200/300 crafters. As the AIDS epidemic increases more families are turning to us for help and we assist them by offering training in different crafts. Woza Moya markets the goods made and we have a small shop on the centre premises. The Little Travellers are one of the Craft products we produce at the centre.

The project has proven that with the right care and access to medication lives can be turned around. We have found that economic empowerment is one of the most important factors in fighting this epidemic because as it gives the crafters the luxury of looking to the future. In doing so they take ownership of their disease and have something to live FOR! The health benefits of this alone can never be underestimated.

How the Little Travellers were born

The Little Travellers came into being in 2002 when the crafters sat down and made the first prototypes. We were so excited by the outcome that we wanted to take the first ones and start selling them immediately. The crafters said that they would not part with their dolls and that we should be patient as they would make more and bring those to me and so our journey with these special dolls began...

As promised, many Little Travellers made their way to the Centre and we started selling them immediately – no one could resist their charm. We sold these little dolls at flea markets, conferences and schools. Certainly, nobody in the Hillcrest area could be seen without one! As time went by, the crafters had orders for Little Travellers from around the country and indeed, around the world. These dolls soon became what we termed “food on the table” as this was bread and butter money for our crafters.

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