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PPR Education

Podcast, Preparation and Responsibility or Play, Pause, Rewind.
PPR Education is Podcast based Education which aims to improve education from the top down in eight of the poorest performing underprivileged schools in the Hammarsdale/Inchanga area of KwaZulu-Natal.

PPR Education helps each teacher to create her own podcast and make it available as a DVD to students at the start of the month - for the syllabus being taught that month. Students get to watch the DVD on a projector during the class and at home on their TV before and after the class. Podcasts are not more than 10 to 15 minutes long and deal with one concept at a time.

This enables easy learning through the Podcast which has been made by the teacher and makes it credible for her students. Podcast making is also a major self-development tool for educators. PPR Education makes learning fun and innovative and allows students to work at their own pace. PPR Education is about reigniting the greatness that lies within every teacher and unleashing it to make dramatic improvements in the levels of education and enthusiasm in schools and society. PPR Education could revolutionise the method of learning in our schools.

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