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Together SA

If you want a good future or are taking action to build a better South Africa, then Together SA - Building Our Future has been developed for you.

"I think that Together SA is a brilliant initiative…ordinary people rolling up their sleeves to become active citizens in the pursuit of creating a better life for all. Well done in giving real power to the real people" - Clem Sunter (Business speaker and strategic facilitator) -

Thousands of us are building South Africa through our choices in reaching out to others. The Together SA website ( is for Change Makers. You are a Change Maker if you are an active citizen working with people on the ground to bring about positive change in your home, your community and the environment.

Why should I join Together SA?
  • Because you have the courage and strength of spirit to stand with thousands of other South Africans for a good future.
  • Because you love this country and are committed to building a fair society for future generations.
  • Because you want to be an active citizen and be part of the generation that changes South Africa for good.
  • Because you want to showcase the part you are playing in creating the future.

Sign Up Today

  • Get Publicity: How?
    Together SA will showcase the steps you are taking to build South Africa here
  • Raise Funds: How?
    Together SA will enable businesses, funders, the SETA’s and Government who are looking for social responsibility programs to support to find you on the Together SA website.
  • Grow into a sustainable business: How?
    Through loading your initiative on to the Together SA website, it will expose you to organisations that specialise in coaching people into social entrepreneurs, giving you the tools to grow your initiative into a sustainable business.
  • Connect: How?
    NGO’s, NPO’s, organisations and volunteers will be able to connect through the Together SA website and work collaboratively
  • Build a sense of a common South African citizenship: How?
    Through signing up as a Change Maker on the Together SA website you will be one of thousands who are ACTIVE CITIZENS. No longer defined by colour, you will be recognised by the choices and actions that you are taking as a South African citizen to build the future
  • Lift the morale of our people: How?
    By growing the awareness around the number of people who are making a positive impact in South Africa, of which you are one
  • Play Your Part: How?
    By joining Together SA as a Premium Member you will help to build and expand the Together SA website which will grow and give more exposure to your initiative…

You can find out more on their website -