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The best, greatest, craziest, biggest, and funniest - The Awesome South Africa Second Edition is a fun and colourful compilation on South Africa is packed full of humour, history and interesting trivia about South Africa and its people. Updated with the latest 2015 statistics and information, this book is guaranteed to stir feelings of pride, patriotism and belonging and provide you with a comprehensive overview of this unique and crazy country.

A delightful collection of interesting South African facts and anecdotes that is sure to have half the family reading over your shoulder. John van de Ruit, author of Spud
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This book should come with a huge big warning sticker. But it doesn't, so I'll warn you myself: If you know any expat who's the slightest bit homesick do not, under any circumstances, give them a copy- it's guaranteed to tip them right over the edge. It's a riot of fun, fantasy and facts about South Africa, all put together in a format that's as brash and loud as a vuvuzela and as colourful as a stadium of soccer supporters. Stevie Godson - The Daily Dispatch

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