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Books by Awesome SA Publishers

Awesome SA Publishers is an independent entity created to publish books which encourage South Africans to positively influence the future.

Awesome SA Publishers donates 10% of the turnover of all books sold via the Awesome SA website shopping cart to the Awesome SA trust.

Absolutely Awesome South Africa by Derryn Campbell

Absolutely Awesome South Africa

Absolutely Awesome South Africa is an entertaining compilation on South Africa which is packed full of fun, facts and trivia. This completely new coffee table book is packed with completely new content and design on every page and is full of South African humour, history and interesting facts. The vibrant and colourful pages of Absolutely Awesome South Africa captures the heart and the soul of this magnificent country. This book is available in Hard Cover and Soft Cover.

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Awesome South Africa – Second Edition by Derryn Campbell

Awesome South Africa – Second Edition

Awesome South Africa is an entertaining compilation on South Africa is packed full of humour, history, interesting facts and trivia about South Africa and its people. If you are a South African, this book is guaranteed to stir feelings of pride, patriotism and belonging. If you are not South African, then it will leave you in awe and provide you with a comprehensive overview of this unique and crazy country. In this Second Edition, which was launched in April 2015 the information and statistics have been updated.

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Living in South Africa by Regina Gräff and Derryn Campbell

Living in South Africa

The Living in South Africa book is a comprehensive and practical handbook on moving to, working in and enjoying life in South Africa. This guide is useful to all interested in embracing life in South Africa. The 296 pages of carefully researched information is complemented with personal experience and includes helpful hints and recommended resources. Living in South Africa is a guidebook born out of a desire to share our insights into daily life in South Africa. This book will help to ensure the transition of arriving in this beautiful country is a rewarding and fulfilling experience.

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You're Awesome by Di Smith

You're Awesome

YOU'RE AWESOME is about overcoming adversity and embracing life. It is about love, compassion and friendship. It is a book for people who want to transform their own lives and influence the lives of others around them.

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Green Is Not A Colour by Devan Valenti & Simon Atlas

Green Is Not A Colour

Green Is Not A Colour provides readers with a highly informative and visually stunning exploration into the wide range of environmental issues that face our world today. Added to this, the book also explores the innovative and exciting technologies and practices both available and in development that are providing solutions to these challenges. If education indeed holds the key to our future, then environmental education can be considered one of the most important and relevant needs of our day. By immersing yourself in the pages of this book you will develop a clear and well grounded understanding of these increasingly important issues and the ways in which the are shaping the world around us.

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