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Living in South Africa

A Guidebook to Moving - Working - Enjoying Life

This new South Africa guide book will tell you all you should know about this beautiful country, whether you are a foreigner or a South African, expat or local.

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The comprehensive and practical handbook on moving to, working in and enjoying life in South Africa is useful to all interested in embracing life in this country. It will assist especially those in the process of relocating to and settling in this country and is a must-read expat guide for all planning to make South Africa their new home.

Written by German expat Regina Gräff, editor of ExpatCapeTown, and South African Derryn Campbell, founder of Awesome SA and author of the best-selling book Awesome South Africa, this practical guide book is based on a rich collection of personal experiences and insights.

The book contains 296 pages in colour-coded sections with plenty of graphics and photos for easy reference.

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Have you ever considered living in South Africa?

The carefully researched information is complemented with personal experience and includes helpful hints and recommended resources.

  • Thinking of relocating?
  • Needing help coping with culture shock?
  • Need advice on housing and schooling?
  • Want to know about working and business?
  • Need to know about cultures and customs?
  • Looking for information on day-to-day-life?
  • Want to learn about the country and its provinces?

This is the first guide book of its kind covering a wide range of topics on South Africa. Therefore, In this unique book, you will not only find lots of facts, but also plenty of helpful tips, links and resources useful for a smooth and manageable settling-in process.

Living in South Africa is the perfect welcome to our amazing country. This book is filled with vital information, practical tips and social insights. A must-read not only for expats, but for all who want to embrace living in South Africa Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma, African Union Commission Chairperson

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