A Village Called Hope
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A Village Called Hope

A Village Called Hope

Image via Times LIVE.

South Africans are a resilient people. Our history shows that out of tragic events and trials we find a way to unite and move forward together.

A recent tragedy has shown the strength of South Africans. People from all over South Africa are pulling together in support of all those involved in the horrific accident on Fields Hill in Pinetown - the victims, their loved ones and the truck driver, Sanele May.

The following are some posts on the Sanele May Support Group on Facebook.

Peach Piche wrote:
"I spent a heart wrenching half hour with Sanele, the truck driver from the horrific Pinetown crash. He is a broken man. He cries and cries, shakes and asks why He didn't rather die. He didn't mean to hurt anyone..."

Thulani BabakaAnathi Sosibo KaZungu wrote:
"2010 World Cup has come and gone, united us for a while but later disintegrated as a nation... Now here comes a big wave called Sanele and through him, I foresee great nation building and everlasting socio-cultural integration that will never ever disintegrate again..."

Kelv Thando Maki wrote:
"Together we can, I believe in changing this country together, colour doesn't matter anymore we have the same goals and dreams..."

We as South Africans have the unfailing ability to unite, love and support. This is not only seen in times of tragedy, such as the Fields Hill accident, but in everyday life as seen on the free open platform that has been developed by young South Africans for South Africans - www.togethersa.co.za. Let's turn this tragic accident on Fields Hill into a catalyst to unite our people. Let's do it in honour of all those who lost their lives, for their friends and families and for Sanele May and his family.

If you are South African who wants a good future for all the people of our country and want to connect with other like minded South Africans, we invite you to Join Together SA and let’s start building this country together.

Together SA - join for a brighter tomorrow...

Leave gloom to the doomsday sages. There is much being done. The fact that we don’t always see optimism working is simply because we are not looking in the right places. Down on the ground, at grass roots level where ordinary folk are working each and every day to make our country a great deal better. People who need and care for other people; building a positive image within their families, their communities; these are the folk of South Africa, hand in hand together to build a brighter future.

Together SA is a powerful organization committed to finding those ‘nameless’ citizens who forget about politics, race and culture, instead striving to uplift victims of poverty and a lack of education, creating macro economies and improving the living conditions of those around them. Their selfless dedication is the core of their beliefs. By highlighting the work done, putting these heroes in the spotlight, Together SA is creating a network of enthusiastic builders of our beautiful nation.

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