Leaders driving change - November 2013
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Leaders driving change - November 2013

Leaders driving change - November 2013

This month sees the release of the movie - Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom.

He was, and is, one of the most inspiring, great leaders of our time. It will leave you wanting to go out and do your part to make this a better society too, however small the contribution. As Mandela says in the movie, "Alone we have no power, together, we have the power to change the world".

The above is an extract from the movie review written by Carmen Martino-Sedivy. She then goes on to say:

"knowing the great sacrifices he endured to achieve the freedom he desired for all black South Africans, it made me ever more grateful for having witnessed a small part of the Mandela story"

South Africans are privileged and blessed to have shared in the Mandela miracle. His legacy continues to inspire us and we see new leaders following in his footsteps to drive change. South Africa is filled with many exceptional leaders. An example of this is where civil society leaders are lifting people out of poverty and paving the way for a better future. Their lack of resources and funding is formidable and daunting, yet they persevere. The act of listening is fundamental to peace building, to ethical and inclusive leadership. Strong and stable societies are built on the understanding that everyone has the right to be listened to – and to be heard. Yet leaders in our society are not being heard. In shaping the future for our country we need to include everyone – whatever their gender, religion or political background. People must be encouraged to come together, to end the divisive rhetoric and to find a common ground.

This inclusive approach has been the reason for a young group of South Africans developing a platform called Together SA – Building Our Future which highlights the leaders who are creating profound transformation.

Examples of today’s leaders who are driving change and building a better future are:

The Character CompanyThe Character Company

Their goal is to change our current culture of violence and abuse though helping boys grow into good men by instilling honourable values.

Learn more about them on Together SA here.

The Lee Bromley Golf FoundationThe Lee Bromley Golf Foundation

This program that introduces golf to disadvantaged children from deprived areas, with the purpose of providing them an opportunity to build character and learn important life skills.

Learn more about them on Together SA here.

The Bokamoso Education TrustThe Bokamoso Education Trust

Enables people to support the schooling of a disadvantaged child, providing its beneficiary children with an education and giving these children the necessary start to their lives.

Learn more about them on Together SA here.


These are just a few of the many examples where people are reaching out and having their voices heard through the Portfolio of Change Makers on Together SA. Link hands with like minded people on Together SA and let's prove that together we have the power to change the world. You can view more Change Makers here - http://www.togethersa.co.za/portfolio-of-change-makers/.

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