Awesome SA Newsletter - July 2014
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Awesome SA Newsletter -  July 2014

Awesome SA Newsletter - July 2014


Click, click, click for Mandela Day. That’s all you need to do to play your part in Mandela Day. Pretty easy, right?

Awesome SA is making everyday a Mandela Day by supporting people who are changing our world for the better. Many people intend getting involved and doing something for Mandela Day but just do not have the time or are not sure about how they can get involved. Organisations under the umbrella of Awesome SA are not only doing their 67 min bit on Mandela Day but are working all year round in creating positive social change in our country.

So here’s the deal. Click to support one of these organisations by giving a donation for Mandela Day. You support them, they support the people on the ground and everyone wins!

Forgiveness will set you freeForgiveness will set you free

Growing up in a community rife with drugs, violence and gangs is a common environment for many South African youth. For Ashwin Du Plooy, 18, he saw in this despair the possibility to serve, inspire his peers and care for the elderly. Ashwin is the personification of a servant leader. Today he shares what he has learnt in his short life journey.

‘I have lived in Bonteheuwel all my life, my extended family dominated my home street and we lived very close together. Sunday lunch at my grandmother’s place was a tradition and life was good.’ Ashwin comes from a strong Christian background, ‘my daddy and many of my uncles are pastors and very involved with the church, this was a big inspiration for me to see my family so actively involved in the community.’

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What do Desmond Tutu, Paul Harris, Lewis Pugh, Ndaba Mandela & Lucas Radebe have in common?What do Desmond Tutu, Paul Harris, Lewis Pugh, Ndaba Mandela & Lucas Radebe have in common?

The upcoming Inspire SA Summit will be hosting them as guest speakers, to name a few. And it is set to be inspiring stuff (see what we did there).

Having lived in London, Ryan Pinnick and David Becker have returned to South Africa and have since settled in Cape Town. Both are passionate about inspiring and empowering South Africans to create positive change in themselves and in the country.  They are now launching Inspire SA through an Inspire SA summit in Johannesburg on the 2nd and 3rd August.

This where you come in – You’re invited:

Celebrating Family day the African WayCelebrating Family day the African Way

This post was shared on the SMILE 90.4fm Thursday breakfast show with Bobby Brown and Tracey Lange. For more weekly Awesome discussion tune into SMILE 90.4 fm every Thursday morning at 7.10am or and if you not in Cape Town then listen live via live streaming on the SMILE 90.4 fm website.

Family structures define our personalities and our values. To many of us we think of families in the western world context. The mother and father who live in a house until the kids reach adulthood then they move out.

Our African forefathers had a very different idea – and we can learn a lot from them.

In English we say ‘cousin’ and ‘niece’ and ‘nephew’. In Afrikaans it’s ‘neef ‘and ‘niggie’ - but these words don’t exist in the African languages. In an African language a cousin is considered a sister or brother.

The African cultures embrace their relations and treat the extended family as their own. A family is the greater unit of relations. They live together, granny looks after the children when mommy is out working. The kids running around in the village fields playing together and after supper the grandfather sits around the fire telling stories to the children

The African people have a word called UBUNTU – Ubuntu is a word of ancient African origin meaning ‘I am what I am because of who we all are.’

Read More about celebrating Family Day

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