South Africa - a country of big emotions - May 2016
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South Africa - a country of big emotions - May 2016

South Africa - a country of big emotions - May 2016

South Africa has always been a country of big emotions such as fear and courage, compassion and heart-break, inspiration and shame.

In South Africa we have seen the lowest and most disappointing aspects of being human. Currently, high emotions appear to be fuelling certain people to make destructive choices. We are seeing anger, hate, frustration, boredom and hopelessness. These emotions have led to tragic choices of burning schools, clinic’s and violent protest, as in the recent Hammanskraal tragedy.


But there is a flip side!

Big emotions have led to great action with real examples of the best and highest of what is possible in humans. Most recently, we have seen hundreds of thousands of Rands being raised to assist Darryn August, a good samaritan who stood-up to stop a robbery and was thown from a train and badly hurt.

Strong emotions without the skills to channel them for good can be lethal and life-destroying. Science shows negative emotions that are not dealt with, will become harmful, either by turning inwards through addiction and self-destructive behaviour or by turning outwards and harming others.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Mahatma Gandhi put it like this - “I have learned through bitter experience the one supreme lesson: to conserve my anger, and as heat conserved is transmitted into energy, even so our anger controlled can be transmitted into a power that can move the world.”

Emotions can be channeled to make positive change within ourselves, our families and our communities.

These skills are learnable, teachable and are labeled Emotional Intelligence.

Emotional intelligence enables us to take any emotion and use it for good. By connecting more in our relationships, dealing with our frustration and empowering our lives and those around us we create positive change.

Six Seconds, a global leader in Emotional intelligence, led by experts from around the world, are running their African EQ certification in South Africa this year. They will be teaching how to create positive change through a practical, transformational methodology of emotional intelligence. The course is being held over five days in Johannesburg in June.

We have the power, through emotional intelligence, to change our future and the future of South Africa by applying emotional intelligence to our lives.

For more information read - "Building Capacity for Transformation with Emotional Intelligence" and watch "Six Seconds Billion People Practicing Emotional Intelligence".

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